Cannabinoid-Based Topical Cream for Psoriasis Receiving Interest from Scientific Community

Cannabinoid-Based Topical Cream for Psoriasis Receiving Interest from Scientific Community

A cannabinoid-based topical cream to treat psoriasis is receiving interest from the global scientific and medical communities, according to the developer of the cream, One World Cannabis (OWC) Pharmaceutical Research company.

Positive preliminary clinical trial results showed that OWC’s active cannabinoid-based topical cream formulation led to a 70% improvement in a variety of inflammation clinical parameters related to psoriasis. Based on these promising results, and to increasing interest from the medical community to learn more about the cream. the company is expanding the size and scope of its clinical study.

Headquartered in Israel, OWC is a company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing new cannabis-based therapeutic products and treatments specifically designed for psoriasis and other medical conditions, including multiple myeloma, migraine headaches and fibromyalgia.

The company will provide more details upon availability of the final results of the study, and completion of what it calls the full “BIO-DATA IP PROTECTION.”  The aim is to have the cream on the market later this year, subject to approval from regulatory agencies, OWC said.

“As soon as we announced the efficacy results of our pre-clinical psoriasis treatment, OWC has continued to receive active inquiries from a variety of leading international scientific institutions in countries like Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and more, that adopted or about to adopt MMJ bills. We are currently in negotiations for scientific and marketing cooperation agreements. In addition, we realistically expect product readiness for our topical cream in early Q3 2017 and, subject to regulatory approvals, federal and states laws we will be able to offer our topical cream to those who suffer from psoriasis,” Ziv Turner, OWC’s, managing director, said in a press release.

The company says it has started the safety phase of the study.

“We started safety phase at the hospital by this month, April 2017, and already [are] planning a unique multi-center efficacy study. This is the natural development of the next generation of safe and tested cannabinoids treatments,” said Yehuda Baruch, the company’s chief scientific officer, director of research and regulatory affairs, and lead researcher of the study.

Also, OWC said it is planning to initiate in 2018 a wide and in-depth multi-layer clinical study focused on cannabinoids treatments for psoriasis and the psychological aspects of those living with the disease.

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