National Psoriasis Foundation Grants Seal of Recognition to MetaDerm Heal & Prevent Psoriasis Cream

National Psoriasis Foundation Grants Seal of Recognition to MetaDerm Heal & Prevent Psoriasis Cream

The National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) has given its Seal of Recognition to MetaDerm Heal & Prevent Cream, a therapeutic botanical cream for psoriasis made by Haus Bioceuticals.

MetaDerm — one of the first botanical-based therapeutic products to earn this seal — is an anti-inflammatory cream that helps relieve the symptoms of psoriasis, restore skin health and calm internal excessive inflammation.

According to Haus, results from the cream’s clinical tests showed that at week 12, almost 68 percent of patients using it improved their Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) by at least 75 percent. This means that in just four weeks, patients saw a significant improvement of their psoriasis lesions and the area affected compared to a prescription psoriasis treatment.

The NPF’s Seal of Recognition highlights over-the-counter products that go through a rigorous testing process and are proven to safely and effectively help people with psoriasis ease their symptoms of dry, itchy, flaky skin.

A five-member panel of dermatologists reviewed MetaDerm and the product information Haus submitted. Five patients with moderate to severe psoriasis then tested the cream and evaluated its efficacy in reducing dry, red, itchy or flaky plaques as well as its ease of use.

“Meeting the requirements to receive the NPF Seal of Recognition is no easy feat,” NPF President and CEO Randy Beranek said in a news release. “Our standards are high and the certification process stringent. We appreciate the manufacturers that are committed to helping the psoriasis community by developing quality products that ease the symptoms of psoriasis and provide much needed relief to many.”

MetaDerm is free of steroids, dyes and fragrances, and is most effective when used twice per day and applied liberally to affected and surrounding areas.

“MetaDerm was founded to bring the best of clinical science and novel therapeutic botanicals together to develop affordable, effective and clinically proven solutions for people living with chronic skin conditions,” said Michael Centola, PhD, CEO of Haus Bioceuticals in Oklahoma City. “Our team at MetaDerm is focused on designing and delivering gentle and clinically-proven products to treat the root causes of psoriasis to help psoriasis sufferers live a lifetime of normal, flare-free skin.”


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